Hi, I’m Zachary Boylston, nice to meet you.

I currently live and work in Durham, NC. I finally got up the nerve to call myself a “photographer” in early 2016 and have since been on a journey that has taken me to Dallas, Alabama, San Diego and all over NC photographing many special moments along the way. I love capturing honest moments in my photos because, I believe, photographs are most valuable when they can be used to remember the things we didn’t know we would miss, and I would love to capture a few of life’s moments for you.

Interested in a shoot? I would love to hear from you!



Engagement, family (~2 hours, 100+ edited photos) :: $200

1/2 Day Event (~4 hours) :: $400

Full Day Event (~8 hours) :: $700

Weddings (consult, scouting, ~12 hours day of) :: $1,500

Will travel :)

The Photograph.

When we look back at the past, what we may see as flaws, though abundant now, become beautiful details made scarce by time, and miss.  A warn couch, lost youth, a gentle smile - the things that make a home, home, and life, a story - all are precious, deserve to be remembered, and become almost real again when tethered by an artifact, an image, the photograph.

- Zachary Boylston

Notable Clients

*Met-Rx, Make A Wish Foundation, GMR Marketing, The Cam Newton Foundation, ExitEvent


*Three pieces selected for exhibition in Resist, juried by Michael Pannier, the founder and director of the South Eastern Center for Photography. 

*Two pieces selected for the Annual Community Art Show at The Arts Center in Carrboro, NC