The Photograph.

Meaningful photos are meant to be looked back upon, to make us sentimental, to laugh, and to cry; tangible copies of a point in time that bring back a swell of remembered feelings and forgotten details.  For when we look back at the past, what we may see as flaws, though abundant now, become beautiful details made scarce by time, and miss.  A warn-in couch, lost youth, a gentle smile - the things that make a home, home, and life, a story - all are precious, deserve to be remembered, and become almost real again when tethered by an artifact, an image, the photograph.

- Zachary Boylston

Interested in a shoot? I would love to talk! 


Engagement, family :: $200

1/2 Day Event :: $300

Full Day Event :: $500

Weddings :: $1,500

Will travel :)

Notable Clients

*Met-Rx, Make A Wish Foundation, GMR Marketing, The Cam Newton Foundation, ExitEvent


*Three pieces selected for exhibition in Resist, juried by Michael Pannier, the founder and director of the South Eastern Center for Photography. 

*Two pieces selected for the Annual Community Art Show at The Arts Center in Carrboro, NC