The George Family

It was a cool fall morning when I met the George family for photos at The American Tobacco Campus.  The old tobacco plant has been turned into an almost theme park of the restored factory trend, with beautiful brick, painted smoke stack, and an NPR headquarters to boot -- A fantastic backdrop for family photos.

When you meet the Georges, you immediately know they are one cool family, rocking a "girl power" shirt and all. I could feel the free, bold spirit of their two little girls, and Nanette and Dave's love for them.  I tried to capture this in the photos, letting them express themselves and capture the memory.

As a side note, taking pictures of younger children is always a joyous puzzle.  Around the age four or five, they're more annoyed/shy of the camera than anything else.  However, once they get to around six, children become more aware and start to actively pose for pictures.  And although these photos may not appear to be as "candid" on the surface, in a lot of ways, they are.  As a reflection of their development, and hopefully something they can look back on and get a good laugh from.

With a mix of family photos and 'wild child' moments, I would say it was a pretty successful day in Durham.  And, as always, I was grateful for the opportunity to be there.