I Didn't Respect 'Sound & Color' Enough, and I'm Sorry. 🎶

I, like every other NPR hipster, loved The Alabama Shakes' first album, 'Boys & Girls'.  It was energetic and hip yet accessible.  The album felt old yet new and authentic... A classic.

With their sophomore album, I missed something.  I wanted it to be something that it wasn't - bigger, badder, more rock n' roll than their first.  But that is not what they delivered, and it was my own loss for not recognizing its brilliance.  The good news is, no one cared what I thought, as the Grammy Awards nominated it for album of the year and awarded it in a few other categories, including engineering.

In my selfishness, I missed an impeccably produced, engineered, and conceived album - a deeper album than their first, something that took time and attention to appreciate.

From the first hollow kick of the kick drum, to the guitar fuzz chorus of Future People, the gong ring hidden in the Sabbath esque end of Dunes... it's all so subtle yet masterful that, as artisty appears, you don't notice the effort.

Now tie it back to photography.  It's the best photography (art) that takes time to appreciate.  That isn't instantly consumable, but that requires more thought, reflection, and appreciation.  And honestly, sometimes for you to mature and change until you truly 'get it'.

Enough rambling, time to listen.  Make sure you're wearing headphones or your car stereo is cranked up.  And pay attention to the tones, details, and fabric of sound created when good songwriting meets good producing.